• How to Obtain Your Clearances


    *Attention: Due to recent law changes, in order to help in the classroom or with field trips, ALL volunteers are now required to obtain:
    • a negative Tuberculosis (TB) test
    • a Child Abuse Clearance
    • a PA State Criminal History Report AND
    • an FBI Criminal History Report
    Steps for Registering:


    1. Tuberculosis test (can get from your doctor)
    2. Visit the District's Volunteer Webpage for detailed (and very helpful) steps to obtaining all 3 clearances.
     (*Note: Registering online dramatically decreases wait time for returned clearances.)
     3. See Volunteer Registration Checklist to ensure you have all proper forms submitted.
    • Click here for checklist and volunteer packet
     4. When you receive your clearances, please send or bring in the original documents to the office so the secretaries may make copies and add you to our Volunteer Database.
    *NOTE: If you are a brand new volunteer to Elizabethtown Area School District, you must also fill out volunteer paperwork for our district.
     Thank you for complying with the new requirements for volunteering in your child's classroom. Engaging, hands-on, unique experiences would not be possible without volunteers like you!