EASD Community Portal for Students

    How Do I Receive Email Notifications for Community Portal Changes?
    • Click here to view instructions showing how to receive email notifications when your teacher or your building administration posts updates and announcements in the Community Portal. 

    • Please note: Email notifications will prompt you to log in to the Community Portal to view the newly added updates and announcements.

    First Time Student Account Request?
    In order to set up an account for access to the Community Portal, you must:
    1. Access your district email address

    2. Complete the online Community Portal Application and Acceptable Use Policy Form

    3. Enter the required keyword where prompted:
    ** Elizabethtown Area School District's KEYWORD is easdbears**
    Step 1:

    In order for students to set up an account for access to the Community Portal, each student must use their district email account. The district student email account uses the following naming convention:


    • To obtain your district username and password, please see your teacher or guidance office

    • Click here to download the Student-Email-Logging-In tipsheet.


    Step 2:


    Next, you must complete the online Community Portal Application and Acceptable Use Policy Form.


    • It is essential that you use your district email address (@etownSTUDENTS.org), district username and district password when filling out the registration form.** Refer to the Student Portal Acount Creation tipsheet for complete instructions on filling out the account form.

    • Click here to download the Student Account Creation tipsheet for complete instructions regarding email address, username and password.


    Step 3:

    Enter the required keywords where prompted on the above form:

    ** Elizabethtown Area School District's KEYWORD is easdbears**
    Once you complete the registration form, you will receive two emails:
    • First Email:
      • Will be received immediately upon submission

      • Will confirm the information that you provided on the registration form

      • Store the registration receipt in a safe place for future reference

    • Second Email

      • Will be sent once the district verifies the information you provided and approves the application, usually within two (2) business days of receipt of registration

      • Will provide you with a PIN number you will need to access your records 

      • Store the PIN number in a safe place

      • Do not share your PIN with anyone
    ** Please Note:
    • You will need the PIN number (and username and password you establish during the registration process) every time you log onto the Community Portal

    • If you do not receive an email within two (2) business days, please contact the building or guidance secretary from the list of contacts below 

    • Once the registration process is all complete and you have received your PIN via email, you will have access to the Community Portal section of our Student Information System

    Need Help?
    For Community Portal inquiries contact the appropriate school official below.  When requesting support by email, please include your name, email, and a brief description of your Community Portal support request.