• Homework Information and Requirements
       Homework completion is very important in fifth grade. In language arts, students will be assigned review/study guides at least four days in advance before a common skills assessment or summative skills assessment. These review guides have content that is very similar to that of the assessment.  Students are expected to complete the review guides by the time they are due to help them better prepare for the assessment. Review guides and study guides will always be posted to Schoology four days before an assessment for parents and students to reference an extra copy.
    Students are also expected to read for twenty minutes each night and record a short summary along with what they read Monday-Thursday. The reading log must also be signed by Friday. (on Schoology each week)
    In Social Studies, students may have to complete review guides or study for an assessment. Again, students will receive study or review guides one week in advance. Additionally, all review or study guides will be uploaded to Schoology.
    If students forget to complete an assignment on the day it is due, they are expected to stay in for recess until the assignment is completed and a homework alert paper is signed by their parent or guardian.
    Students are asked to give their best effort on every assignment and are encouraged to ask questions or ask for help if they do not understand something before the assignment is due.