Fifth grade Reading Requirements!


       In fifth grade, students will make individual reading goals based on their abilities. This will look different for each student. Furthermore, each student will make trimester reading goals individually and confer with the teacher two-three times throughout the trimester to discuss their progress and books read. Students will be encouraged to read a variety of genres each trimester.

    To keep students on track with their reading goals, they will complete a weekly reading log on Schoology for each week of school. They will be responsible for reading twenty minutes per night or more Monday through Thursday.  They will record the name of the book and give a short summary of the chapter or pages read. Reading logs are due every Friday unless otherwise noted. Students should submit their reading logs as an assignment on Schoology.

    If students have kept up with the independent reading requirements for fifth grade they will be able to attend the end of the trimester book bistro reading celebration! Students will choose a book they read in that particular trimester to create a project for and present it to the class. While students are listening to their peers' book reports they will be able to eat and enjoy listening to some exciting book reports! Parents have the opportunity to help out at each bistro and to donate items as well. We greatly appreciate our parents and guardians!


    Click on the links below to access the book summary sheet (to be completed after each book read) and other helpful resources:


    Book summary sheet- (to be completed at the conclusion of each book read)

    Summary Help-This handout tells how to summarize fiction and nonfiction text.

    Genre Sheet-This handout describes each genre. Students are asked to tell the genre of each book they read on the summary sheet.

    P.S.S.A. Glossary- Lots of vocabulary to help/assist with homework