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    Drum Major Audition Info

    The EAHS Drum Majors play an extremely important role in the function of the band.  In an effort to help ensure that we have the most prepared and qualified drum majors, the following information is provided as a reference.
    Commands used:
    • Facing commands
      • Left Face
      • Right Face
      • About Face
    • In-motion commands
      • Forward, March
      • Backward, March
      • To the Rear, March
      • To the Left Flank, March
      • To the Right Flank, March
    • Static commands
      • Detail
      • Band, Atten-Hut
      • At Ease
    Drum Major
    Drum major classes and auditions will include :
    • Salute
    • Star-Spangled Banner
    • Calling commands/marching
    • Drop the needle
    • Individual routine (2-3 minutes in length)
    Helpful videos
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