IU13 STEM Consortium Competition

  •   IU13 STEM Consortium Competition

    Sienna, Josie, and Audrianna designed & built a bridge prototype to win 1st place in the IU13 STEM Consortium Competition.
    Sienna, Josie & Audrianna earned 1st-place in the IU13 STEM Consortium Competition. The 2018-19 STEM Challenge involved identifying and creating a STEM Solution in the community. They designed and built a bridge prototype to replace a bridge
    on the school district property.
    2nd place
    Elizabeth, Kinsey, Francis, and Gavin earned 2nd-place in the IU13 STEM Consortium Competition. They designed and built a prototype of an original design that they called the Trash Can-inator, a product that doesn't get blown away by the wind and doesn't get knocked over by animals.
    Winners of the IU13 STEM Consortium Student Competition
    A team of 6th graders (Lilia, Quinn, Jaycen, Gabriel, and Trenten) won 1st place in the IU13 STEM Consortium Student Competition for the grades 4-6 division. 
    The 2017-18 STEM Challenge involved identifying and creating a STEM Solution personalized to support accommodations for students or adults with disabilities. The students had to design and build a prototype of their solution and then create a video documenting the design process as well as the working prototype.  This group created the L.U.L.O. (Leverage Utilizing Locker Opener) which was designed to help students with stunted muscle development in their hands.  As part of the development process, they interviewed Mrs. Thilo to determine some of the needs of her students and then designed the prototype of the L.U.L.O.  After creating and submitting their video to the competition, they donated their prototype to Mrs. Thilo's students. 
    One of the six Bear Creek teams that competed in the 2nd annual IU13 STEM Competition earned 3rd place in the 4th-6th grade division. The team Mission: Emission, with their H2 Auto, earned 3rd place out of a total of 29 teams from 6 school districts.  The members of the team included Carson, Matthew, Logan, Bryan, and Mitchell.  
    Mission: Emission 
     The H2 Auto
    H2 Auto  
    Bear Creek won the 2014-15 IU13 STEM Consortium Student Competition for the Grades 4-6 Division!  Please congratulate 6th graders Josh, Aidan, and Seth.  They had to solve a real-world problem and create both a prototype and marketing piece.  They developed a pneumatic motor as part of their 'EcoAir Motors' design team. 
    The IU 13 STEM Consortium Student Competition involves selecting a real-world problem, designing and building a prototype of an innovative product that is a solution the problem, and creating a marketing material that could be used to advertise it. The prototype should be constructed from materials that are safe for students to cut, fasten, and process. For example, students should not use tools and equipment that they have not been taught to safely use in school. Marketing material may include any format, including but not limited to, a magazine advertisement, website, or brochure. The only limitation is that if a video-based format such as a commercial is used it can be no more than 60 seconds in length.