• Welcome to Mr. Stewart’s 3rd Grade Experience!

    1. Always follow the Code of Conduct.

    2. Work hard as a team and as an individual every day.

    3. Help me make learning fun for you!

    Classroom jobs

    - Jobs are changed once a week.

    - Take pride in your work in the beginning of the day until the end!

    Independent Reading

    - Everyone must have something to read.

    - The book must be appropriate for the reader.

    Book sign out

    - You may sign out classroom books, one at a time, for 2 weeks.

    - Please handle with care and sign out on the yellow sheet near the library.

    Sharpening pencils

    - Please sharpen two pencils when you get to school or during independent work time. Do not disrupt a lesson.

    Morning Routine

    - Put your belongings away in the closet.

    - Put your lunch count up on the board.

    - Sharpen your pencil.

    - Look for directions on the board to complete your morning activities.

    - Smile and get ready for a great day!

    End of the Day Routine

    - Write your homework assignments in your agenda.

    - Gather your homework and all necessary materials.

    - Clean the floor around your desk.

    - Check the job chart and do your job.

    - Listen for Mr. Stewart to call you to get your

      belongings from the closet.

    - Check your mailbox for mail to take home.

    - Wait on the carpet for your bus to be called.

    Bathroom privileges

    - Please use the following times to use the restroom.

    - AM after you get off the bus.

    - Morning break right before special.

    - Before lunch recess

    - Afternoon recess.

    - Emergencies are sometimes expected, but should not

      become a habit.

    Homework and Make up Work 

    - Reading 15-20 minutes per evening Monday - Thursday is

       required by all students. (You may choose how you want your child to meet

       this goal).

    - Homework is assigned daily and should be completed by the due date. Please refer to the student agenda for specifics. I am asking parents to sign or initial the agenda each evening to check for homework completion, including reading.

    - A Homework notice will be sent home if an assignment is missed. Parents must sign and return the notice and the assignment is due the next day.

    - No Friday homework is assigned unless a project is due, or under special circumstances.

    - If you are absent 1 day or less, please make up work the day you return. If you are absent 2 or more days, homework will be sent home. Please drop me a note with the name of a sibling or neighbor, and their teacher tosend the work home. Homework is usually due 1 or 2 days after you return.

    Book Bag and Coat Rack Procedure

    - Hang your book bag and coat on any hook.

    - Take all necessary materials to your desk in the  


    - Book bags should remain on the rack until the end of

       the day.

    Take Home Folder

    - Please empty your take home folder every evening. Any papers to be completed or signed should be returned the next day.

    Specials schedule

    Day 1 - Music
    Day 2 - Gym
    Day 3 - Art
    Day 4 - Technology
    Day 5 - C.U.B.S.  

    Monthly Newsletter

    - I will be sending home a monthly newsletter to parents that give a brief description of what we have been working on in all of the subjects! I will also include a few pictures of the class working on their various assignments around the room. This letter will also contain all important dates of classroom functions and happenings around the school.


    - You may contact me at school via phone in the AM from 8:00-8:30 and in the afternoon from 3:45- 4:00 if you have questions or concerns. You can also e-mail me anytime during the day at andrew_stewart@etownschools.org