Keystone Exams

  • As mandated by the Commonwealth of PA, students enrolled in Algebra I, Biology and/or English 10 (Literature) are required to take the end-of-the-course Keystone Exams. These exams are intended for the Class of 2017 and beyond to demonstrate proficiency in each respective subject and passing each will be a requirement for graduation.
    For high school students, Keystone Exams replace the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA). As such, students in eleventh grade will no longer take the PSSA in mathematics, reading, writing and science in the spring of their junior year. Instead, high school students enrolled in each class, regardless of grade level, will take the respective Keystone exam at the end of each course. Middle school students enrolled in any of these courses will also take the Keystone Exams in the spring testing window. Student performance on the Keystone Exams will help determine a school's School Performance Profile score each year.
    The examinations consist of both multiple choice and open ended, short answer questions. The multiple-choice section will comprise 60-75% of the total score and 25-40% of the score will be from the open ended questions.  Each examination will take approximately 2-3 hours to complete.
    As per state guidelines, students that do not test proficient on one of the Keystone Exams are required to take the exam(s) again after remediation. Students not proficient after their second attempt will have the option of completing an alternative project to demonstrate proficiency or continue testing to meet the graduation requirement.
    The testing schedule for the 2019-2020 school year is as follows:

    • Winter Testing Window: January 6-17 (EAHS only)
    • Spring Testing Window: May 11-22 (EAHS and EAMS)

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