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    What is Fantasy Geopolitics?
    Popularly referred to as "fantasy football for social studies and literacy standards," Fantasy Geopolitics is an exciting and easy-to-use new learning game for teachers and students. Developed by Minnesota social studies teacher and Fantasy Geopolitics co-founder, Eric Nelson, who was looking for a new way to engage his students in current events and the study of cultures around the globe, Fantasy Geopolitics engages students in geopolitics - the study of the relationship among politics and geography, human populations, and economics, especially with respect to the foreign policy of a nation - in a new and different way, by turning the study of this topic into a fantasy football-style experience. Students draft teams of countries, follow those countries in the news, and get points every time their countries are mentioned in The New York Times. To see more on how the Fantasy Geopolitics program works, click the video link below:

    What is Mr H's Spin on Fantasy Geopolitics?
    In Mr H's World History course, Fantasy Geopolitics is used as part of our semester long Current Event Log project to try and make our discussions of news from around the world more interactive and engaging. Often, students get very fixated on news about their own state, community, or country because it is easy to find and relatable. While is not a bad thing, Mr H's wanted to try and bring a more global mindset to his World History classes. During the course of a semester, students in Mr H's World History courses focuses EXCLUSIVELY on international / world news as part of their Current Event Log projects and Fantasy Geopolitics is a great tool in that discussion and process.
    Feedback from Fellow Teachers on Mr H's Fantasy Geopolitics Site
    "I have had the honor of visiting your [Fantasy Geopolitics] website. Simply awesome stuff. Looks like a blast..."
    - Aaron Ward
    Mattanawcook Academy
    Lincoln, Maine
    "I recently decided to use Fantasy Geopolitics...
    To help me, I was researching methods
    of implementing it and I came across your website. I am highly impressed with what you've created..."
    - Jarrid Smith
    Hollywood Hills High School
    Hollywood, Florida
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    Students at the start of the semester will draft countries to represent their team and be assigned to a particular division and conference. Game schedules for the semester will be distributed and students will check in to see how their team is doing during the course of the week, orchestrate trades, and add / drop new countries to improve their end of the week outcome. Each Monday, as part of our "Intro to the Week" activities, classes will get the opportunity to check in collectively on their teams and see how the week's scoring will effect the overall records of their teams and their divisions. New division and conference standings as well as individual recognitions will be presented at an unveiling on Wednesday morning. Playoffs will take place towards the end of the semester with the winners of each division going head-to-head to see who will be invited to Mr H's "Fantasy Geopolitics Super Bowl" and who will get the honor of being crowned the "Fantasy Geopolitics Champion" for that semester!
    To find our more about how this program can be used in your classroom for the benefit of your students, check out the FANSchools.org homepage.

    Look for our new Fantasy Politics game, with students drafting members of Congress and battling for political supremacy, coming soon with Mr H's Honors Government & Economics students!


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    During the regular season (Week #1 - #13), four (4) weekly awards will be given out for dominate performances and amazing feats of geopolitical smarts. Each award is decided on by members of the class and are awarded during our Wednesday unveiling of the new Fantasy Geopolitics standing. Winners will receive a specially-crafted certificate to commemorate the occasion.
    More info on these awards can be found on your Block's
    Fantasy Geopolitics page.
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    The winner of Fantasy Geopolitics championship each semester will receive as part of their victory (other than bragging rights throughout the rest of the course) possession of the famed Eric Nelson Trophy for the duration of the semester (as long as it stays in Mr H's classroom), a Fantasy Geopolitics t-shirt, and their winning image with the trophy preserved for posterity on the Fantasy Geopolitics webpage!!!
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