• Mr. Spittal's Schedule & Office Hours: 2013-2014

    Homeroom / FLEX  (H1970)
    Block 1 (8:29-9:50)
    Principles of Democracy
    Modern World History
    Block 2 (9:54-11:16)
    Modern World History
    Contemporary Issues (CL2645)
    Block 3 (B Lunch) (11:20-1:16)
    Modern World History Planning (H1970)
    Block 4 (1:20-2:40)
    Planning (H1970)
    Modern World History
    After School (2:40-3:30)
    Mon., Thurs., Fri.
    Mon., Thurs., Fri.

    Students: The chart above is a guide as to when I am generally available and where I should be given a specific period during the day. If you want a guaranteed time slot with me, please stop by my room and sign up. Otherwise, I cannot ensure that I will always be in my room and readily available for you. 

    Parents: Please contact me at (717) 367-1533 ext.1970 or at john_spittal@etownschools.org. Bear in mind, your likelihood of getting a hold of me directly increases significantly if you attempt to do so before 8:25 a.m. or after 2:40 p.m.