Mr. Spittal’s Substitute Plans


    Homeroom- list in Homeroom folder- 


    -Someone will deliver a newspaper in the AM 

    Class Lists in HR folder (We have been working in groups,  therefore no assigned seats yet)


    Schedule –  World History blocks 1 & 3, 

    “C” Lunch 12:15-12:45

     Blocks 1 & 3 -   Gov and Econ-

    Ask: Summer Thompson 1st Block, Brooke Nicodemus 3rd block -  to sign on to the computer, on the cart, go on to Etownschools.org, Teacher Websites, John Spittal, Substitute page. Then

    - - Click 

    Today's Current Event: CNN 10 Student News

     In their Current Event Notebooks, have students write down the subjects the video covers.

     Hand out two sided sheet, Start 

    Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

    Have student answer questions that go with the video



    4th block is Contemporary Issues – Have the class go to Schoology. They are working in pairs for a project. Civil Liberties (the Courts)



    PLEASE write up anyone who misbehaves with as much detail as possible