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March Newsletter

Dear Parents,

         Hello again! February was a very busy month for our kindergarteners. The students enjoyed our many celebrations this past month. They made some ‘lovely’ projects and shared wonderful thoughts with their valentines.

             The 100 days of school celebration was fantastic! Thank you to parents for your help and donations. The children counted to 100 in many different ways.

         March promises to be another busy month. Our themes include: Weather, St. Patrick’s Day, Plants, and Spring. We will also be working on our comprehension skills and new sight words.  

    In math, we are working on counting to 100, writing and recognizing the numbers 15-20, and adding and subtracting with fluency (doing it automatically) with the numbers 0-5. Students will be working on the place value of numbers 10-20.

         Please continue to look at Daily Sentences (little pieces of paper with sentences on them) that come home. These ‘grades’ are not used for progress reports; they are simply used as practice for writing and self-editing. A happy face is given for 0-3 mistakes, ok is given for 3-5 mistakes, and a check mark for five or more mistakes.

***Library is on cycle Day 2- if we have a snow day, the cycle days will change, please be aware that the dates may change due to weather.