Weighted Courses

  • High school courses are divided into three groups:

    • Group I courses (listed below) are weighted by a factor of 1.20
    • Group II courses (listed below) are weighted by a factor of 1.10
    • Group III courses (not listed) are all other courses and are not weighted

    Course weights are multiplied against percentages earned to determine quality points. A student’s quality points are then divided by the total number of credits to determine grade point average (G.P.A.) and class rank. Weighted grades are not used in calculation of the honor roll. Weighting is reflected in the class rank/weighted G.P.A., but the final course grade on the transcript reflects the un-weighted grade. Refer to the recommended criteria for each when selecting these courses. These weighted courses require increased rigor, higher order thinking skills and more homework. The rubric at the end of the section is provided as a guideline for weighted course selection. To enroll, students and parents must sign the back of the course selection form, indicating their agreement with the selected courses and the increased demands required to be successful in the weighted courses. As of August 18, 2017, students will not be allowed to drop to a lower level course. Therefore, it is very important that students and parents understand the depth and rigor of these courses before selecting them. The school counselors will answer questions and provide written material concerning the content of these courses at an in-school assembly for 8th graders, 8th grade Parents’ Night, and at student flex meetings for high school students.

    Group I - (1.20)                                                           

    • 097A   AP Seminar
    • 097B   AP Research
    • 127     AP English Literature and Composition                         
    • 128     AP English Language and Composition                         
    • 232     AP Calculus A/B                                                         
    • 233     AP Calculus B/C                                                 
    • 278     AP Computer Science A                               
    • 281     AP Statistics   
    • 311A   AP Biology                                           
    • 335A   AP Physics I
    • 335B   AP Physics II
    • 431A   AP United States Government and Politics       
    • 432     AP United States History                             
    • 433     AP Macroeconomics
    • 435     AP Psychology
    • 764     **Introduction to Agribusiness Fundamentals 
    • 911     AP Music Theory                                         
    • 920     1st Semester College
    • 925     2nd Semester College

    **Dual enrollment with HACC meets during the regular school day.


    Group II - (1.10)

    • 100    Honors English Grade 9
    • 112    Honors English Grade 10
    • 120    Honors English Grade 11
    • 131    Honors English Grade 12
    • 217    Honors Geometry
    • 222    Honors Algebra II
    • 229    Honors Pre-calculus
    • 231    Honors Calculus
    • 298    Honors Geaneral Science
    • 310    Honors Biology
    • 321    Honors Chemistry
    • 325    Honors Chemistry II
    • 331    Honors Physics
    • 345    Honors Competition Science
    • 346    Honors Competition Science II
    • 347    Honors Competition Science III
    • 348    Honors Competition Science IV
    • 357    Honors Human Anatomy & Physiology
    • 359    Honors Biochemistry/Biotechnology
    • 400    Honors 20th Century United States History
    • 420    Honors World History
    • 614    Honors French Literature and Poetry
    • 617    Honors French Art and History
    • 646    Honors German Short Stories and Culture
    • 647    Honors Introduction to Modern German Literature
    • 665    Honors Spanish IV
    • 670    Honors Spanish V
    • 751W Honors Inventions & Innovations
    • 752W Honors Architectural Design
    • 756W Honors Electronics and Robotics
    • 757W Honors Design Fabrication
    • 759W Honors Engineering Design


    Group III - (1.00)

    • All courses not included in Group I and II


    Expectations for Weighted Courses:




    Amount of time in vs. out of class



    Level of reading/writing

    College level

    Above grade level

    Amount of teacher-directed assistance

    Very little


    Pre-Course assignment/ pre-requisites



    Frequency of out-of-class assignments

    Every night and weekends

    Most nights


    Few, Most high stakes

    Less frequent, larger, some high stakes 

    Time in class for preview/review



    Scaffolding of assignments/assessments



    Higher order thinking skills

    Most of the class



    Students who select weighted courses should do so with teacher recommendation, keeping in mind the above criteria.  Caution is given to those students who select multiple weighted courses as they may find they are unable to keep up with the course demands. As of August 17, 2018 students are NOT allowed to drop these courses. Please consult with the school counselor or teacher for more information regarding specific courses prior to selecting them during the course selection process.