Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Melissa Clark

  The first thing you should know about me is that I love kindergarten!  This is my twelveth year teaching kindergarten in Elizabethtown.  I am having so much fun!  
   I grew up in Landisville and then I went to college at Arcadia University, which is just outside of Philadelphia.  In college I enjoyed my classes, but I also liked working as a nanny and leading my school's community service projects with Habitat for Humanity and other organizations.  I also loved to travel!  Through Arcadia I went to England, Greece, and Mexico.  I also went to Tanzania to teach English in an orphanage!
   After college I moved to North Carolina with my husband who was in the army (He's now a police officer and is in the Air Force).  I taught first grade in Fayetteville, NC for three years before we moved back to Pennsylvania.    
  Now I live in Elizabethtown with my husband and children.  I have a daughter, Adelynn, who is 11, and a son, Declan, who is 8, and a daughter, Fianna, who is 7.   Our house is very busy with gymnastics, Girl Scouts, and Jiu Jitsu!  But I still find time to read and scrapbook photos- two of my favorite hobbies!