Community Service

  • The Service Learning Program at Elizabethtown Area High School is designed to provide an opportunity for students to learn the importance of giving of themselves to better the community in which they live.  All Elizabethtown Area High School students, grades 9-12, may participate in the program. The program, if successfully completed, will provide the students with one-half (.50) credit. The Service Learning Program is not a graduation requirement. To successfully complete the program and receive the .50 credit, a student must independently complete a minimum of 50 service hours. The activity must be pre-approved by your school counselor prior to beginning any hours. These hours must be documented and reported to the counseling office in order to obtain credit. No more than 50 hours will be recorded.
    A list of service project assignments is available in the counseling office. This list includes: church-related service work; projects for civic organizations; volunteering at the public library; aiding senior citizens, hospitals, fire departments and ambulance services; any type of volunteer work, including camps, and various school sponsored volunteer activities. Babysitting of siblings, participation in school activities and work for pay will not be accepted.