English Language Learner Program (ELD)

  • Program: At the secondary level, the ELD program is based on the needs of each individual English Learner (EL).  Some students may receive sheltered English instruction while other students may participate in regular English clases and receive language acquisition support in collaboration with content area teachers.

    Sheltered English Classes: A teacher certified in English as well as English as a Second Language teaches sheltered English classes to students with limited English proficiency in the ELD program. Instruction is explicit, intensive, and focused. It is designed to accelerate students' language acquisition, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and oral and written communication skills while also meeting Pennsylvania Core and English Language Proficiency standards. Instruction is differentiated to meet the needs of students at their language proficiency level so students will quickly begin achieving academic success and be better prepared to transition to mainstream coursework across the curriculum. Sheltered English classes blend reading and language skills instruction together with a balance of content area readings and age appropriate high interest literature.
    District Overview: CLICK HERE for an overview of the district’s English Language Development Program, staff contact information, and specific entrance and exit procedures.