National Honor Society

  • The National Honor Society requires that members possess not only academic excellence, but also a desire to lead and serve society, which requires time and initiative. Therefore, the selection process considers scholarship, leadership, service, and exemplary character. Candidates must achieve and maintain a 96% weighted grade point average.  All students must have a good discipline record, including but not limited to not having any out-of-school or in-school suspensions in grades 9-12.
    Students interested in membership must complete an application in accordance with the membership criteria listed by graduation class on the school website. Candidates are not required to have a specific number of community service hours to apply for membership.  Applications are reviewed by the faculty and rated in the areas of leadership, service and character. Students who wish to be considered for induction should show evidence of leadership, service and character on their application.  Each applicant’s teachers’ ratings will be averaged to determine an overall score for each area. The faculty council will complete the selection process by reviewing the students’ grade point averages, applications and faculty ratings.  Finally, the selected students will receive an invitation to induction.
    Students may be dismissed from the Elizabethtown Area High School National Honor Society if they do not continue to meet the criteria described above, including violations of student code of conduct, lowered grade point average, or lack of attendance at required meetings. In these cases members are entitled to a hearing before the faculty council. If a member is dismissed, written notification will be given to the student, parents/guardians and administration. More information and documents can be found on the National Honor Society page of the district website.