Senior Open Campus (SOC)

  • Senior Open Campus (SOC)


    • Senior Open Campus is a special privilege for seniors and is designed to develop a sense of responsibility and maturity. Parent(s)/ guardian(s) approval is required for students to participate and indicates that the parent(s)/guardian(s) will be responsible for the student when he/she is not in attendance at school. Participation in Senior Open Campus will be granted, provided the student meets the following criteria, based on his/her junior year and continuing into senior year:
      • No suspensions (in-school or out-of school)
      • No course failures
      • Proficiency on Keystone Exams
      • Career Planning Portfolio completed by end of junior year
      • No outstanding obligations

    Once approved for SOC, students may choose to leave the campus during their study hall periods and must sign in and out at the Student Support Center. High School administration reserves the right to revoke SOC privileges at any time for reasons relating to attendance, behavior, obligations, or failing grades (as noted at the end of each quarter, marking period, and semester).

    • Permission forms are mailed to all seniors in August and must be returned before 3:00 pm on September 2, 2019. Permission forms are NOT ACCEPTED after this due date. SOC guidelines are more fully delineated on the permission form and on the High School website.

    Note: Any student not proficient on a Keystone Exam by start of senior year, please submit your permission form by the due date. If you complete the remediation requirements senior year, and are eligible in every other way, SOC will be granted semester two.