Summer Offerings for Remediation of Failed Courses

  • Remediation, for a limited number of courses and under specific circumstances, is available during the summer. This remediation is designed to provide students who failed a course the opportunity to acquire the content-understanding of the course and the credit needed to graduate. These summer remediation courses are offered via Keystone Correspondence courses. Students who fail Physical Education or Health are required to take these courses in the summer, as they may NOT be repeated during the school year and must be completed in order to graduate.
    Any Elizabethtown Area High School student who has failed English, science, mathematics, or social studies should retake the course in the summer with the exception of Algebra I, biology, and English 10, as they are Keystone trigger courses and must be taken during the regular school year. It is also important to note that courses must be taken in sequence. Students must achieve at least a 65% course grade in the Summer Correspondence course to earn credit for the course. The cost of the course work is the responsibility of the parents and students.