Graduation Requirements

  • The graduation requirements students must achieve are as follows:

    • Successful completion of course requirements as listed below
    • Career Planning Portfolio
    • Proficiency of PA Academic Standards

    Course Completion
    Students will be required to earn 24 credits with a passing grade of 65% or higher. Each senior must pass at least six (6) credits during the last year to be eligible for graduation. Exceptions may be granted through District Policy 217.
    Required Courses  - Required Number of Credits                                                                           

    • English - 4 credits
    • Social Studies - 3 credits (Government and Economics Required)
    • Mathematics - 3 credits 
    • Science - 3
    • Physical Education - 1
    • Health - 1
    • Career and Financial Readiness or equivalent - .5
    • Electives - 8.5

    Total of 24 credits
    Career Planning Portfolio
    All students are required to complete a Career Planning Portfolio during their high school career. Students who do not complete their portfolio by the end of their junior year are NOT eligible for SOC as seniors.  Student will choose a career interest area and work with Pathways personnel and counselors to complete the Career Planning Portfolio.
    Pennsylvania Keystone Exams
    In accordance with Federal and State law, students enrolled in Literature, Algebra I, and Biology are administered the Keystone Exams at the end of the semester in which they are enrolled in the Keystone Exam Course.  Students are required to demonstrate proficiency in the areas of  Algebra I, Literature, and Biology in order to graduate from any school in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Act 158 outlines five pathways for meeting state graduation requirements related to the Keystone Exams.  The links below provide detailed information about the five pathways outlined in Act 158 and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on those requirements.


    EASD Keystone Exam / State Graduation Requirements

    Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on State Graduation Requirements


    Credit Promotion and Retention
    The following guidelines will be used to determine whether or not students are promoted to the next grade. Promotion will occur at the end of the school year.  Notification will be made with the end of the year report card mailing. Promotion may also occur following summer school and at the end of the first semester for students who have met the requirements listed below.

    • Promotion to Grade 10 - 6 credits
    • Promotion to Grade 11 - 12 credits
    • Promotion to Grade 12 - 18 credits