Grading Information

  • Grading Report Cards and Grades
    Report cards and mid-term grades are each uploaded to the Community Poral four times a year (two times each semester). Please refer to the district calendar for a list of distribution dates. High school distribution occurs later than elementary distribution.  Parents and students may regularly access grades through the school web based Community Portal.
    Honor Roll
    Honor Roll requires students to attain a minimum grade point average of 94 percent with no grade lower than 85 percent.

    Honor Roll is based on quarterly grades.
    Final Exams
    Final exams are administered in most subject areas. Students must take their final exam in each course at the end of each semester. If students are absent during exams, it is their responsibility to make arrangements for make up exams as soon as possible to complete the course.

    Note: Final exams account for 1/7 of a student’s final grade.