School Counseling Information

  • Counseling Program Goal
    The goal of the school counseling department at Elizabethtown Area High School is to make a collaborative effort to benefit all students, parents, teachers, and the overall community.  We believe our school counseling program should be an integral part of students’ daily educational environment, and we should be partners in student achievement. Our department provides classroom lessons, group and individual counseling, and referrals to local support agencies. If a student is interested in receiving services regarding academic, career, and/or personal social issues, the student should make an appointment with the counselor through the school counseling office secretary.


    Group Counseling
    As a part of a comprehensive counseling program, student support groups are available to provide aid for adolescents. These groups give students the opportunity to express concerns, to receive peer support, and to develop constructive strategies for addressing concerns. Some students in the high school are unable to perform in the classroom because of ongoing outside concerns. Support groups can address these concerns and assist students in their daily activities both in school and out of school.  Students volunteer to participate in these groups and discuss a variety of adolescent issues. Scheduling for group counseling sessions at each instructional level is based on the availability of facilitators and student needs. Every effort is made to have students miss as little academic instruction as possible.
    SAP, which stands for Student Assistance Program, is a confidential service. The SAP Team identifies students who possess barriers which interfere with school success, aiming to prevent further barriers. To make a referral for yourself or someone you are concerned about, pick up a confidential referral form from any of the SAP team members, school counseling office, nurse’s office or the high school assistant principals’ office.
    Counseling Website
    Located within the high school counseling department’s website, students and parents can find helpful information regarding career, academic, and personal issues. Information about each counselor and how best to contact them is also available on the site.
    Career and College Planning
    The school counseling department has a number of career and college planning resources, which are available to students through the career resource room located in the counseling office. Computer based programs, and, provide up-to-date career and college information. One stop shopping for career and college planning can also be found on the Internet at
    Course Selection
    A school counselor can help students and parents decide what kind of program is best suited to each student’s goals, needs, and abilities. Students are encouraged to select one of four career pathways beginning with a selection of a required introductory Pathways course in grade nine or ten. Prior to scheduling in grade ten, students create their three-year career plans with their counselor in a classroom counseling lesson.  This document forms the basis for course selection during the student’s remaining years of high school. The form can be found through the scheduling worksheet page. Parents who wish to meet with the school counselor to assist their child in formulating this plan should call the school counseling office to make an appointment.  The counseling office is open one night a month (except December), usually the third Thursday, 6:00 – 8:00 pm. Check the school website or the district calendar for evening counseling office dates/times.
    Parent/Teacher Conferences
    The best way for parents to determine how their child is doing in class is to check the community portal, or contact the teacher via telephone or email. They may also request a parent/teacher conference. The counselor can arrange for parents to meet with one or more teachers, if so desired. Frequently a telephone call or an email to a teacher may be all that is necessary and can be very beneficial to have questions answered. Teachers’ email addresses are located here:

    Teacher/Student Conferences
    Many times what appears to be a big problem is really just a misunderstanding. Teachers are eager to help students, and very often a ten-minute conference with a counselor and teacher is all that is necessary to solve a problem. Students should inform counselors or administrators if they feel there is a need for a teacher/student conference. Likewise, the counselor or teacher will suggest one when it is necessary.
    College Visitations
    As a segment of the school counseling department’s career/educational planning service, the counselors invite numerous college/university representatives to meet with students who have an interest in the visiting school. Sessions are scheduled throughout any given school term, although most colleges visit the district during the first semester. Notification of a visitation occurs via morning announcements, on the high school website. To attend a session, please use the following link  to sign up to visit with the colleges.  You will get an e-hall pass for the visit.
    Financial Aid
    The school counseling department provides resources to students who seek financial aid to attend a post-secondary school. The school counseling department advertises the availability of college and community scholarships through the use of our bulletin boards, website, and building announcements. A financial aid night is held each year.
    Military Recruiters
    All branches of armed services, including the Reserves and ROTC programs, may visit with or call any individual students unless a form denying permission is submitted to the counseling office.  This form is included in the Virtual Backpack for 10th and 11th grade students. If a form is not submitted, it is assumed that the school may release the student’s name to the armed services. The military recruiters set up an informational table once monthly in the school cafeteria.
    Homework Request
    If your student is absent for more than (1) one day of school and you would like to request homework for the days of absence. Please contact the high school office via phone or email to make a request for homework. Please note we give teachers 24 hours notice to gather work to be sent home. **Parents can visit the Community Portal or Schoology for a list of daily homework assignments and course announcements.