ball   Physical Education Schedule  ball
    Please be prepared with appropriate sneakers to participate in class.
    DAYS 1-4
                   Period 1      Mr. Sernoffsky and Miss Coleman (8:55am -9:40am)
                   Period 2      Mr. Weber and Mrs. Miller  (9:45am -10:30am)
                   Period 3      Mrs. Horner and Mrs. Towsen (10:35am -11:20am)
                   Period 4      Mrs. Sweigart  and Mrs. Bair   (11:25am -12:10pm)
                   Period 5      Mr. Mooney and Mrs. Horner   (1:10pm - 1:55)
                   Period 6      Mrs. Troop and Mrs. Price   (2:00pm -2:45pm)
    DAYS 2-5
                Period 1      Mr. Barlow and Mrs. Hossler    (8:55am -9:40am)
                Period 2      Mrs. Minder  and Mr. Wittemann   (9:45am -10:30am)
                Period 3      Mrs. Norton and Mrs. Carrasco   (10:35am -11:20am)
                Period 4      Mrs. Bohanick and Mrs. Fraser    (11:25am -12:10pm)
                Period 5      Mrs. Hoover and  Mrs. Sheehe   (1:10pm - 1:55)
                Period 6      Mr. Bosch and Mrs. Nolt   (2:00pm -2:45pm)
    DAYS 3-6
               Period 1       Mrs. O'Haren and Mr. Dietz   (8:55am -9:40am)
                Period 2      Mrs. Purcell and Mrs. Houseal  (9:45am -10:30am)
                Period 3      Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Freiburg   (10:35am -11:20am)
                Period 4      Mrs. Kob and Mrs. Englehart  (11:25am -12:10pm)
                Period 5      Mr. Perry and Mrs. Sterner  (1:10pm - 1:55)
                Period 6      Mr. Handran and Mr. Davis  (2:00pm -2:45pm)