• Kindness Matters!
           With the help of Mrs. McCurdy & Mr. Mong, the children in the Rheems Elementary community are practicing a little more kindness!  With the 100th day of school fast approaching, together, the children, with Mrs. McCurdy's & Mr. Mong's help, are sharing 100 ways in which they are spreading a little more kindness!  
    kindness      kindness
           Throughout the building, the children posted the ways in which they have worked to practice random acts of kindness!  Additionally, as you walk through the building, there are hearts on the walls to remind us of all the ways in which we can spread kindness in our community.

         Our Kindness Agent has been on the lookout for students who are showing kindness!  Our Kindness Agent celebrated on Friday, February 8, 2013, with a group of students who were caught being kind!