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    The electronic music class will that take a student from beginner to composer in a semester.  The course uses a series of projects to develop a knowledge and skill base to enable students to become familiar with Garageband and Logic ProDepending on student progress, students may also learn to work on a Presonus 16.4.2 digital mixing board.  Below are the rubrics that will be used in the course.
    This course has no prerequisites, but a background in reading music is really helpful.  A basic to intermediate knowledge of computer functions is also beneficial.  This course also requires some of the following personal skills.
    • Creativity - Students need to be willing to take risks and try new things!
    • Independence - Much of the work is done individually (with guidance from the teacher).
    • Personal drive - Having a desire to excel is important. Producing a marketable product is important.
    • Collaboration skills - For the final project, there is a lot of collaboration from the authors of the lyrics and other students in the class.
    • Meeting deadlines - This class has components that are like the real world and employers expect employees to be punctual.

    All of the project are sequential in nature.  Each project builds on previous skill set that is used and it all leads to the culminating project...making a CD of original works!!!

    Lab 7      Lab 8
    Our students have produce two CD's of original music.  Here are some examples of student work.
    Lab 5      Lab 6
    WITF did a feature story on the EAHS Electronic Music Course.  Here is the link to that story:
    You can access Mr. Barraclough's Community Portal Page here: 
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