Shakespeare's Macbeth for Kids
    Several Fourth Grade students on Team C at Bear Creek volunteered to perform The Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare.  They used the creatively modified version entitled, Shakespeare’s Macbeth for Kids, authored by Brendan P. Kelso.
    The script was accessible to children, yet retained some of the memorable Shakespearean lines.  For approximately two months, the children relinquished their recess periods two times each week to study their lines, rehearse, and create props. Mrs. Evelyn Mautner and Mrs. Amy Burkhart assisted the students in creating props for the play. The students made their own costumes at home. The class productions were proudly performed for peers and family members.  There was enough Shakespeare and humor in the classroom for everyone!
    There were two performances.
    AM Students
    Macbeth-Ryan Anderson
    Lady Macbeth-Ana Santiago
    Witches-Olivia Anson, Lily Krisko, Amber McDonald, Emma Kreiser, Madeline Quinn, Macy Seaman, and Eryn Moore
    Lady Macduff-Anna Hart
    Ross-Bobby Walters
    Duncan-Nick Bettendorf
    Malcolm-Collin Burkhart
    Donalbain-Chris Wynn
    MacDuff-Brett Swift
    Son of Macduff-Zoe Gonzales
    Captain-Jacob Shue
    Murderer-Jaiden Young
    Soldier-Eryn Moore
    Siward-Macy Seaman
    Banquo-Alisia Alvarez
    Emcee-Emma Blyler, Chris Wynn

    PM Students
    Macbeth-Liam Mautner
    Lady Macbeth-Megan Gray
    Witches-Mykah Macfarlane, Emma Blyler, Sidney Mize, Owen Hanlon, Elizabeth Stiles, and Brianna Claar
    Lady Macduff-Madison Ernst
    Ross-James Phillippe
    Duncan-Claire Thomas
    Malcolm-Zach Deardorff
    Donalbain-Ian Hollinger
    Macduff-Aaron Wentzel
    Son of Macduff-Emma Blyler
    Captain-Alex DeFlavia
    Murderer-Ben Kendall
    Soldier-Ian Wander
    Siward-Brianna Claar
    Banquo-Hayden Stahlman
    Emcee-Emma Blyler, James Phillippe