Do The Right Thing Program

  • Do The Right Thing is a cooperative program co-sponsored by the local Police Departments, Elizabethtown Area Communities That Care, and the Elizabethtown Area School District. The Do The Right Thing award program honors children and youth in our community, grades K-12, who distinguish themselves through their accomplishments, attitude, or outstanding efforts. In doing so, they make themselves a positive role model for their peers.
    The Do The Right Thing program is a way to recognize good deeds and reinforce exemplary behavior. The residents of the Elizabethtown Area School District can see the many "good things" the young people of our community are doing. This program allows us to thank our children for ‘doing the right thing.’
    Some examples that students may be nominated for are:

    •     Keeping their school safe
    •     Being selfless by volunteering their time in our community or to charitable organizations
    •     Helping someone in need
    •     Improvement in school grades and behavior
    •     Overcoming personal challenges
    •     Helping police solve a crime

    The community's help in identifying worthy students is critical to the success of this program. EASD strongly urges its faculty, support staff, parents, and community members to periodically nominate a student whose behavior, attitude, or special deed deserves recognition. Simply fill out and submit the nomination form to Gail Viscome, Elizabethtown Communities That Care, by the third Monday of each month for the worthy student to be considered for recognition.

    If you have questions about the Do The Right Thing program, contact Gail Viscome, Executive Director of Elizabethtown Area Communities That Care, at 367-0678 or

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