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    Google has a new online training center called the Google Apps Learning Center containing how-to information for all core Google Apps, such as Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, and more.  At the learning center, select an app and then click "Get Started."  You will see a list of what is required for the training (for example, a Google account), how much time to allow, the how-to information and any helpful links.  
    While you're visiting the Learning Center, check out the Tips Library for quick instructions on how to perform different tasks in Google Apps.  The Tips Library is a great place to visit if you don't want to go through a whole app training and just want some quick help.
    Check out the Google Apps Learning Center here.
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    Google has recently acquired Synergyse, an interactive Google Apps training start-up, and has made the online training available to Google users through a free Chrome extension.  Synergyse interactive training videos feature what's new in Google in addition to videos for various functions within Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Sites, Docs, Sheets and Slides.  Tutorials for more apps will be coming soon.

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    To use the Synergyse guided training, launch the Chrome web browser and install the Synergyse Chrome extension; access through other web browsers will be available in the coming months.  Once you install the Synergyse extension, log in to your district Google account.  You will then see the new Synergyse icon in the top right corner of the Google screen, a question mark in a circle outlined in red, green and blue.  
    Click the icon to expand the Synergyse training list and access the videos describing what's new in Google, plus the list of training videos that pertain to the Google app that you are in.  You may notice a number over the icon.  That depicts the number of new videos that have been released but weren't viewed yet.  Once you leave the training section, the number will no longer be on the icon whether you watched the videos or not.