EASD Community Portal

  • Students
    Sapphirethe district Student Information System (SIS), is a web-based program use by educational organizations to maintain student records.  An SIS handles a wide variety of academic tasks that manage student, parent, and personnel data, as well as providing an archive of and access to current and past grading, scheduling, attendance, discipline, and other school records.
    The Sapphire Community Portal module within the Sapphire SIS allows parents and students to access report cards, view attendance information and student reports, and receive building and district announcements.


    Who Has Access to the EASD Community Portal?
    • Parents/guardians of students in grades K-3 beginning Spring 2018. Detailed information will be provided shortly.

    • Students and parents/guardians of students in grades 4-12 (Bear Creek Elementary, Middle School and High School) enrolled in the EASD

    Community Portal Information:

    The chart below shows the features available in both the Sapphire Community Portal and the Schoology Learning Management System. Please note that parents will need an account to access both systems. Each online system offers valuable student information and is equally beneficial for students and parents/guardians to visit.

  • Need Help?
    For Community Portal inquiries contact the appropriate school official below.  When requesting support by email, please include your name, child's name, email, and a brief description of your parent portal support request.