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    As part of the E-town History Department’s effort to get Honors students ready for AP exams and future college level classes, those who take an Honors course will be participating in quizzes specifically aimed at “document-based questions” or “DBQs” during the current semester. These quizzes challenge students to think critically of the course material, particularly primary source documents and images, and are a regular feature of all AP history classes. The introduction offered here will go a long way in helping to determine if students are ready for that next academic challenge for next year or for the next level.
    Primaryletters292929222  Mr. H's DBQ Breakdown ( *Spring 2014* )
     Primaryletters292929222 Mr H's DBQ Grading Rubric ( *Spring 2017* )
     DBQ Writing Tips & Overview

    Writing Standard DBQ Essays
    New DBQ Rubric Overview
    Part I: Thesis Statements  -  Part II: Analysis & Evidence  -  Part III: Synthesis

       Check some of the features episodes of our Honors World History Podcast student-driven and primary source powered historical conversations

    Docs for each discussions supplied by The DBQ Project

    Discussion Board Space Overview
    The space and discussion section provided below is an area where students can chat, exchange experiences, or dialog on unique questions and experiences against the backdrop of our studies of World History. Often students will be presented with challenging and complex issues that will add to the rich experience of what history means to us and how it is something that is always changing, both in interpretation and study. All comments are reviewed by Mr. H prior to posting and all past and present Honors students (including those currently in AP classes) are encouraged to join the conversation.
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    Rubric for Discussion Board Postings: Postings will be assigned in advance on Mr H's Homework Checklist and will carry the same amount of points as a typical, weekly homework assignment. Students are encouraged to refer to the rubric below for posting guidance:

    10 points
    8 points
    6 points
    4 points
    1 point
    Insightful posting
    Makes connections to class content or docs
    Offers new insights / ideas
    Completed on time or prior to assigned due date
    No stylistic errors
    (grammar, spelling, etc.)
    Clear posting
    Satisfactory connections to class content or docs
    Offers limited insights / ideas
    Completed on time or prior to assigned due date
    1-2 stylistic errors
    (grammar, spelling, etc.)
    Clear posting, but w/ minor issues
    Limited connections to class content or docs
    Offers few insights / ideas
    Completed on time
    3-4 stylistic errors
    (grammar, spelling, etc.)
    Flawed posting
    Poor connections to class content or docs
    Offers almost no insights / ideas
    Completed on time
    5-6 stylistic errors
    (grammar, spelling, etc.)
    Poor posting
    No connections to class content or docs
    Offers no insights / ideas
    Completed late
    completed on time or late posting
    6-8 stylistic errors
    (grammar, spelling, etc.)
    DIRECTIONS: To comment on the Discussion Board posting, click the "comment" link at the bottom of the post and type your comments into the provided fields. When your finished click the "Submit Comment" button and your writing will be submitted to Mr. H for posting. Comments will often be posted live for all viewers to see within the next 12-24 hours, typically.

Mr H's BDQ Discussion Board:

  • What Kind of Student of History Are You? (DBQ Posting #1)

    Posted by Mr Huesken on 8/21/2017 2:00:00 AM
    As a beginning to our discussion of world history, consider the following ideas below as a way to introduce yourself, your past experiences with Honors history classes here at the High School, and what skills you are already bringing to our class for th coming semester when it comes to DBQ writing. To further enhance this introductory discussion, we will be using the video discussion app, Flipgrid, to post a video introction of ourselves. Please follow the following instructions:


    • After opening the app, enter the assigned code when prompted (9e76bf). You can also go to the discussion directly using this link (https://flipgrid.com/9e76bf)


    • When prompted, enter the grid finally using your etownstudents.org account via the Google button provided.


    • If you already have the app on your phone from a previous class or are using a desktop computer with a camera, you can click the link / icon below and be directed to the site.


    • Create a personalized video using your mobile or electronic device (min. of 30 seconds / max of 1 minutes & 30 seconds) that addresses the following points:
      • Introduce yourself (Hi...my name is Jill Smith and I'm a senior at Elizabethtown Area High School)
      • What has your experience in your past history or honors history classes been like? Do you enjoy history as a subject? If so, why? If not, why? Explain.
      • What part of the world / area of world history are you most interested in / excited to learn about / concerned about? Why? Explain.
      • Have you ever done a Document-Based Question (DBQ) in any of your other classes - history or otherwise? If so, what class and with what teacher and what was your experience like with it? Good? Bad? Explain why. If you have never done a DBQ before, what have your peers said about this testing method? Easy? Difficult? How do you feel you would do when faced with this type of a challenge for the first time? Explain your answer.
      • What is the biggest challenge or apprehension you have going into this course? Its a bit different from your past American history classes, but what excites you? What gives you pause? What are you looking forward to learning more about as we go forward? Why? Explain.


    Videos will be automadically shared with Mr H. No posts from "anonymous" will be accepted; postings should be made prior to the assigned due date posted on the Google Classroom; any posts made after the assigned due date will be considered late.
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