• Honors World History Book Review List
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    During the course of the semester, Honors students are required to select and complete a book review on a time period of their choice from an assigned book listing. This project is designed to broaden a students understanding of the course content while also providing them with valuable practice with relating course material to works of fiction / non-fiction in preparation for future advanced-placement courses, such as an AP history course, and college courses. All book selections should be approved with Mr. Huesken before continuing forward. Once selected, books can be found in the following locations:
    • Buy the book (via Amazon, Ebay, etc.)
    • Free Online eBook Libraries (see list below)

    Sign-ups for books will be done at Mr. Huesken’s discretion either before school or during Mr. Huesken’s office hours after school (M-F2:40pm to 3:30pm – except for Wednesdays).

    If you or your parents have an issue in obtaining a particular book, please feel free to contact Mr. H via phone here at the High School or e-mail (gerald_huesken@etownschools.org)

    Book Reviews   Honors Book Review Requirements ( *UPDATED Fall, 2017* )
    Book Reviews    Honors Book Review Grading Rubric ( *UPDATED Fall, 2017* )
     -Free Online eBook Library Links-
    • OpenLibrary.org = A ongoing project of the non-profit Internet Archive with a growing catalog of classic books 
    • Feedbook = A list of free public domain books for download
    • Goodreads = A published list of free eBooks in an ePub format
    • Zing! = a dynamic new eBook platform featuring thousands of fiction and nonfiction eBooks
    • OverDrive.com = A top-rated eBook site / app that allows you to browse over 2 million eBooks and audiobooks with the help of some 30,000 participating libraries
    • Project Gutenberg.org = A growing online program of over 50,000 free eBooks for download or online reading

Honors Book Review VoiceThread Projects


    Pope Joan: A Novel


    Island Beneath the Sea



    The Scarlet Pimpernel



    1215: The Year of the Magna Carta

    Guns, Germs, and Steel