Honors World Current Events Log
    Why is it important to study World News?
    "More information is always better than less. When people know the reaons for why things are happening, even if it is bad news, they can adjust...and react accordingly. Keeping people in the dark only serves to stir negative emotions"

    British-American author & speaker Simon Sinek


    The Assignment:

    Every Tuesday and Thursday, we will have an in-class discussion on current events going on in the world around us and how it relates to our curriculum. Your task between those times will be to search national and international media outlets to find events of regions and global importance, complete a formal write-up of the article, and be prepared to present and discuss your article(s) with your peers in class among other requirements as well as "end of the week" Current Events quizzes.

     Requirements / Rubric (11th Grade Honors World History)
    (INTERNATIONAL STORIES ONLY - Is called "World" History for a reason!)

    How do I create a paperless Current Event Log?
    - Upload a template & article from Mr H's site to Google Docs and create a digital Current Event Log -
    - Finalize your digital Current Event Log with a Google Doc folder to keep all your Current Event write-ups -
    & documents organized and ready for final turn in at the end of the semester
    (Disclaimer: Be sure to include a copy of the article and share your Log with Mr H on the assigned due dates)
    Current Event Log Final Analysis Project
    In December of 2012, former history major and environmentalist Thomas Ketchell was looking for a new way to engage people in the link between current events and history. Whilst living in Beijing, he experienced the dreadful quality of the air on a daily basis and wanting to alert people back home what it was like to breathe in this dirty air. He decided, with the help of a colleague Steven Chiu, to re-enact on social media the 1952 Great Smog of London. The success of this re-enactment led to worldwide coverage, encouraging both Steven and Thomas to co-found HSTRY, an interactive, digital-learning site which allows students to create story-lines of historical events for both elementary and secondary schools across the globe. In 2016, HSTRY became the new and improved site of Sutori - same experience, but with upgraded features for teachers and students.

    As we look back over the wealth of information and perspectives gathered in our semester long Current Event Log project, use the Sutori site's free service as a way to put a new spin on our Log's final analysis requirements.
    [To see a sample project to get inspiration, click here]
    [To see more on the Sutori program and how it was inspired / created, click the video below]
     Sutori co-founder Thomas Ketchell discusses the inspiration behind HSTRY (Sutori) with TED Talks  

    -Unique International News Site-
    Wanting a different way to try and find international news stories?
    Check out some of these uncommon current event sites!
    Legitimate News Sources for Current Events

    The following websites are some of the acceptable Internet sources for finding current events for your log. If you have a question about any sources not on this list, feel free to ask Mr. H: