Pennsylvania System Of School Assessment

  • The federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 required states to develop standards for what a child should know and learn at all grade levels. As such, the Commonwealth developed the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) to measure student proficiency against the newly created academic standards.

    Local school districts are mandated to administer the PSSA to select grade levels each year in the areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics and science. The PSSA Testing Calendar for the 2019-2020 school year was established by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is as follows:

    English Language Arts (Grades 3 through 8)

    • April 20-24

    Mathematics (Grades 3 through 8)

    • April 27-May 8

    Science (Grades 4 & 8)

    • April 27-May 8

    The PSSA is used to measure a student’s attainment of the academic standards. It also allows our district to measure how well our programs and curriculum enable students to attain proficiency of those standards. As such, it is very important that all students in the tested grades put forth their best effort. We strongly encourage parents and guardians to discuss with their child the importance of trying his or her best on the exams. Parents and guardians can also help by ensuring that their child gets a good night's sleep and begins each day with a nutritious breakfast.
    EASD teachers have been preparing students for the PSSA all year long by teaching Elizabethtown's curriculum, which is directly related to the state standards. In past years, EASD students’ performance on the PSSA has proven that the Elizabethtown Area School District is one of the finest school systems in the region. With your help, the District will continue to shine on the PSSA and make necessary improvements to our already outstanding school system.

    Please note that only a small number of Pennsylvania students may be excused from the testing. Parental excusal is limited to those items which conflict with family religious beliefs. If you have any questions about the state assessment system, please contact your child’s school principal.