Emergency Evacuation Information

  • The Elizabethtown Area School District takes a proactive approach to protect and keep safe our students, faculty, and staff. As such, crisis management plans are in place at all District facilities to help our administration, faculty, and staff coordinate and respond to various situations and emergencies including how we will respond to one of our most dreaded scenarios - an incident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant.
    Because the EASD campus lies within the ten-mile emergency planning zone of the plant, it may be safer - in the event of an incident at Three Mile Island - to move our students and staff to a location away from our school campus than to remain in our schools. While not all emergencies at Three Mile Island would require evacuation, the District is prepared to safely and orderly evacuate our schools if it is ordered to do so by federal, state, and/or local officials.

    If an evacuation is ordered do to events at Three Mile Island, the District will transport all students, faculty, and staff to Donegal High School.  Per our plan developed, in consultation with Lancaster County Emergency Management, the District’s transportation fleet would take our elementary students to Donegal High School first and return to the middle school/high school complex for our secondary students. The short travel distance to Donegal is advantageous to conducting an efficient and timely evacuation.

    We strongly encourage parents/guardians NOT to come to the school campus during an emergency at Three Mile Island unless directed by EASD to do so before an evacuation has been officially ordered. Once an evacuation is ordered, parents/guardians will no longer be allowed to enter their child’s school. While it is a natural instinct in an emergency to go to your child’s school, please understand that doing so may significantly reduce the District’s ability to safely and efficiently evacuate our nearly 4,000 students (including your own son/daughter) and 500 employees in a timely manner.
    All ELEMENTARY, MIDDLE, and HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS will be transported to Donegal High School.  Donegal High School is located at the following address.

    Donegal High School
    1025 Koser Road
    Mount Joy, PA 17552

    Directions to Donegal High School are as follows:

    • From Elizabethtown, take PA-230 East / South Market Street toward Mount Joy for roughly 4 miles. Turn right onto South Angle Street and go 0.5 miles. Continue onto Union School Road for 1.2 miles. Turn left onto PA-772 East. Travel 0.3 miles and turn right onto Koser Road. Donegal High School will be on the left.

    - Printable PDF - Map of Surrounding Roads to Donegal H.S.

    Parent-Student Reunification
    Parent/Child reunification will take place at Donegal High School using a systematic process developed by EASD and the Donegal School District. The reunification procedure is necessary to ensure the personal safety and well-being of all students and staff. Parents/Guardians will need to bring personal identification to assist District personnel with the reunification process. Please note, students will only be dismissed to adults listed as an emergency contact.

    - Printable PDF - Donegal High School Campus

Last Modified on July 5, 2017