• Forensic Chemistry

    Course Description :

    Forensics Chemistry is a laboratory oriented course designed for students who have already completed a chemistry course and enjoy investigating scientific processes that may be encountered during a forensics investigation. Forensic Science is the application of science to law in events subject to criminal or civil litigation and includes a number of different technical fields, including (but not limited to) physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, psychology, and medicine.

     We will approach this class as if we are going to a crime scene.  That is, we will begin with the first things that need to be done when you go to a crime scene, techniques that need to be mastered, practice those techniques on smaller crime scenes and then work our way to a full blown scene with many of these techniques incorporated.  You will be graded on how evidence is collected, kept secure and analyzed, how well you apply the skills learned and your over all crime scene report.

     Topics that may be covered are as follows: (not necessarily in this order)

    Observation Skills

    Crime scene Basics

    Locard’s Exchange Principle

    Eyewitness Basics

    Memory Skills

    Physical Evidence

    Fingerprinting Skills

    Science of Ridges


    Latent prints

    DNA Fingerprinting

    Impression Evidence

    Red Substance ID


    White Substance ID

    Blood Basics

    Stomach contents

    Blood Typing


    Bloodstain science

    Fiber Analysis

    Forensic Anthropology Bone Basics

    Hair Analysis

    Fire Science


    Accident Reconstruction

    Shoe Print Casting and Analysis

    Questioned Documents