Technology Liaisons

  • 2019/2020 School Year

    The district has Technology Liaison(s) represented as the first line of defense for technology service and troubleshooting requests. The yearly stipend positions are in place to help staff with their technology questions and needs and serve as a contact point for escalation purposes. techliaisonThe Technology Liaisons also provide training sessions throughout the school year for their respective staffs. Technology Liaisons work closely with the Department of Technology Services to support district technology related initiatives and programs.

    High School:
    Mrs. Kelly Santoro
    Mrs. Elizabeth Yearsley
    Middle School:
    Mrs. Amy Fleming
    Mr. Alex Shubert
    Bear Creek School:
    Mrs. Danielle O'Haren
    Miss Erin Kuhn
    East High:
    Ms. Lauren Evans
    Mill Road:
    Mrs. Lauren Nagle
    Mrs. Debra Painter