Technology - New Teacher Induction

  • Welcome to Technology Induction Day for New TeachersEASD logo

    The EASD Technology Induction Day is comprised of distribution of district computers and login credentials, as well as an introduction to various online technology systems used in the Department of Technology Services and within the district. 

    For a deeper look into each system, six training modules have been created for new teachers to get up and running.  Each module will take between 1 and 2 hours to complete, will require submission of proof of completion.  Upon completion of the module and submission of the required evidence, a completion badge will be awarded.

    Training Modules:

    The following training modules have been created in Google Slides and can be accessed through Schoology. All new teachers have login access to both systems. Log into district email and then open a new tab and enter the following url: "" (without quotes) to access Schoology. Click on your district email address and then enter your district username and password.

    All modules are available in Schoology but it is recommended that you complete the modules in the order that they appear. The modules are:

    • Module Number 1 - Intro to Mac ComputersIntro to Mac Computers badge

      This module will introduce new teachers to the mac operating system. Enrollees will learn about the mac interface, including the desktop, dock, Apple, File and Status Menus and also commonly used keyboard shortcuts.

    • Module Number 2 - Intro to Chromebooks
      Intro to Chromebooks badge
      This module will introduce teachers to the Chromebook, primarily the ports and keyboard keys; the Chrome interface, including the Settings menu, Launcher and Notifications; and various tasks that can be performed using a Chromebook.

    • Module Number 3 - Sapphire Gradebook

      Sapphire Software Badge This module covers the basics of the Sapphire Gradebook. It includes where to find the gradebook and setting up gradebook preferences. It also covers how to take homeroom and class attendance, and submitting lunch counts for primary students. The module shows how to create assignments and add them into categories and how to enter assignment grades and calculating total grades. It also covers entering new discipline records and searching for existing discipline records.

    • Module Number 4 - GSuite Appsgoogle apps badge

      This module will introduce learners to the core Google Apps, Gmail, Google Calendar (reserving computer carts), and Google Drive.

    • Module Number 5 - Web Help Desk & Self Service

      This module will show new teachers how to use two systems used by the Department of Technology Services, Web Help Desk and Self Service. 
      Web Help Desk and Self Service badge
      Web Help Desk allows users to submit tickets with the Department of Technology Services for technology assistance. In the Web Help Desk system, you can request support for new hardware and software issues, communicate with the technician assigned to your ticket, and also view your history of closed support tickets.

      Self Service is a software installed on staff computers that allows the installation of approved software. You will learn how to find Self Service on your district computer, become familiar with the interface and learn how to install software to your district computer.
       EASD Network and Backing Up Files Badge

    • Module Number 6 - Connecting to the Server & Backing Up Files

      This module will show you how to connect to the district network and how to back up your computer files for safe keeping and access from any computer with an internet connection.