Department Personnel

  • Each member of the Technology Services department is responsible for providing timely customer service and support initiated by the end-user through the technology emergency phone line or the technology support ticketing system. Department members also manage individual systems for efficient department workflow, in addition to providing backup on other systems for redundancy. 

    Ted Cardwell - Director of Technology Services
    Oversees all aspects of technology at EASD, as well as provides network and server management.

    Christine Sklareski - District Technology Trainer
    Manages the Schoology Learning Management System, Clever SSO, Canyon Creek Online Scheduler. Christine creates instructional resources for teachers and students and provides professional development related to technology systems.

    Austin Henderson - Lead Technician
    Responsible for the management of all hardware within EASD, including budgeting, ordering, software installation, and updates. He oversees the timeline for device refresh, replacement, and recycling. 

    Owen Musser - Technician
    Manages the servers and web filter. He also oversees the hardware and network used in the cafe and security systems. Owen is also responsible for the hardware and software in the school computer labs.

    Connor Rhoads - Technician
    Responsible for district hardware support, including computers, interactive whiteboards, and audio/visual equipment. Connor prepares student devices for state testing. He also oversees the VoIP phone system and the print server.

    Calvin Henderson - Technician
    Responsible for all student Chromebook management and the support of Chromebooks in the Middle School and High School. Besides Chromebook support, Calvin also provides district hardware support.

    Susan Hoffman - Helpdesk Technician
    Creates all district accounts and distributes computers to new staff and students. Susan manages the student Chromebook inventory and oversees the technology support ticketing system and provides direct support to users.

    Melissa Herrmann - Tech Specialist
    Supports teachers and students with district hardware issues at Bear Creek school and the primary buildings. Melissa troubleshoots student Chromebook issues, as well as LDC projector, interactive projector, and interactive whiteboard issues.

    Kevin Hufnagl, Audio/Video Technician
    Provides support to Middle School and High School teachers with classroom and auditorium audio-visual equipment needs. Kevin also provides assistance to administration for building-level audio-visual needs.