Department Personnel

    Mr. Brian Lownsbery, Director

    As the director, Mr. Lownsbery ensures that the department’s primary emphasis falls squarely on how to use technology as a tool in the classrooms to support student learning and is committed to using technology as a tool to enhance the academic excellence for students.  Brian feels that the purchase of technology is just the first step in the overarching goal of preparing students for the 21st century and that, in addition to technology purchases, it is equally important to equip teachers with the skills needed to properly integrate technology into their classrooms ensuring the greatest benefit towards student success and academic excellence.
    Mr. Edward (Ted) Cardwell, Network Systems Manager

    Mr. Cardwell oversees the EASD computer networks. The network consists of many computers and shared servers, as well as other devices that help in the day to day use of technology in the classrooms.  Ted coordinates the testing, purchase and installation of devices such as computers, printers, wireless access points, servers and switches.  He also troubleshoots server problems, updates software, maintains anti-virus methods and data backup and recovery systems and he assists in the maintenance of district communication systems.
    Mr. Timothy White, Technician
    Mr. White maintains all district computer software by running software updates and preparing it to be installed on district computers. Working together with teachers, Tim determines if requested software will meet the technical specifications needed on district computers. Tim also works with independent contractors to maintain network infrastructure throughout the district including the VoIP phone system.
    Mr. Austin Henderson, Technician
    Mr. Henderson prepares computer hardware and peripheral equipment for use by students and staff.  He works with the Technology Services’ student interns to troubleshoot when computers are in need of repair.  Austin maintains the Technology Services computer inventory tracking database and manages EASD mobile devices.
    Mr. Owen Musser, Technician
    Mr. Musser is involved in many aspects of the department and works directly with building level staff ensuring that technologies are supported and maintained. In his position, Owen will spend the majority of his time supporting staff within our seven district buildings. His primary focus involves district phones, hardware, interactive technology, and networking fundamentals. Owen is a graduate of the Elizabethtown Area School District and went on to graduate from Thaddeus Stevens College in May of 2017 with a degree in Computer Networking and Systems Administration.
    Mrs. Christine Sklareski, District Technology Trainer
    Mrs. Sklareski conducts professional development sessions during the summer and throughout the school year. She also maintains the Technology Support web page which houses tip sheets and video tutorials on how to perform various tasks in the software applications that the school district uses.  Christine also answers the technology emergency phone to support teachers in time sensitive teaching-with-technology issues. 
    Mrs. Susan Hoffman, Help Desk Support Technician

    Mrs. Hoffman provides customer support to district staff at the technology help desk.  Along with responding to calls at the technology emergency line, Susan also manages the districts Web Help Desk system to ensure that technology requests are properly routed, prioritized and successfully resolved. As the first responder and voice of the department for technology support needs, Susan is an instrumental part of the department's focus on quality, timely customer service.
    Mrs. Melissa Herrmann, Tech Specialist
    Mrs. Herrmann assists students and staff at Bear Creek School with technical assistance and troubleshoots hardware and software issues. She is available to assist students with chromebook questions between the hours of 8am and 1pm.
    Mr. Kevin Hufnagl, Audio/Video Technician

    Mr. Hufnagl meets the audio visual needs of our secondary buildings. His regular tasks include setup and support for technology needs in the high school Large Group Instruction room (LGI) and High School/Middle School Auditoriums. This position also supports teacher classroom technology support needs (ie. LCD projector, interactive white boards, VCR's, televisions, DVD players etc.) and provides administrative support for building level audio visual needs.