Computer Backups

  • hard drive

    There seems to be an ongoing number of tech requests related to computer laptop hard-drive failure. Although not as often in previous years when hard drives had moving parts, they can still “fall victim” to damage that results in the need for repair, or in most cases, replacement. Some suggest that its not a matter of IF the hard-drive will fail but in reality a matter of WHEN. Whether or not the content from the hard-drive can be retrieved is not an exact science and varies with each case. Unfortunately, even with our best efforts, some of the hard-drives are beyond repair and none of the content on them is retrievable. As a result, I want to encourage all staff to routinely back up the content on your laptop. Not only is this a good professional habit to get into but it also ensures that content can be restored in the event of a computer related failure. Technology Services is committed to supporting the back-up efforts of our district personnel.

    Below you will find a tip sheet outlining the preferred method to back up your content. Please take a few minutes to look through the training information and back up your computer content. In the event you have questions, please feel free to contact technology services and/or your building technology liaison. If the need exists, our technology trainer, Christine Sklareski, is also willing to organize building level training to reinforce the back-up process.

    Back Up Location

    A wise man once said, "if you only have your files in one place then you don't really have them." Files can easily be lost if they are stored in only one place when a computer hard drive crashes. Below are a few more options for backing up your files:

    • Install the Backup & Sync app on your computer to automatically sync files to Google Drive. Click here for instructions to set up Backup & Sync.

    • Optional Back Up Location: Flash Drive - Flash drives have become extremely affordable for larger sized devices. Backing up files to a flash drive assures instant access should anything happen to the original files.