Text-A-Tip Hotline

  • In its ongoing efforts to foster an environment that is safe and conducive for learning, Elizabethtown Area High School is launching a Text-A-Tip hotline for its students. This initiative is a partnership between the Elizabethtown Area School District, Elizabethtown Borough Police Department, and the Rotary Club of Elizabethtown.
    Text A Tip Info Card
    The Text-A-Tip hotline is a new way for students to communicate with school officials safety concerns utilizing technology high school students are comfortable with. Students can anonymously send a text or email message to the school resource officer and/or school administration about concerns they may have for their safety, the safety of others, or express a concern about a student and their well being.

    The Rotary Club of Elizabethtown provided the funds to purchase this state of the art technology.

    The process of “texting” a tip is simple. As soon as a concern arises, EASD high school students should send an anonymous message to 274637 (crimes). Students should enter the keyword: Etown at the beginning of the tip. Once the keyword and message are entered and sent, the message is received by the school district on a special access number that encrypts the number so the text message is anonymous.

    The Elizabethtown Area School District encourages students to report information about any non-urgent illegal activity such as vandalism, theft, the sale of drugs or information about crimes that are being planned. Students who discover information on social networking sites like Facebook or YouTube and anonymously text a tip could help prevent a tragedy. For urgent matters or emergency situations, please call 911 and speak to a trained dispatcher.

    For information on the Text-A-Tip hotline, contact Richard Schwarzman, Assistant to the Superintendent for  Student Services and Compliance, at 367-1521 or richard_schwarzman@etownschools.org.