• 2019-2020
    paw Physical Education Newsletter paw

    Dear Parents,
            Your child will be involved in a 45 minute Physical Education class. This year we are following a five day cycle.  If a school day is missed classes will resume with the day that is missed.    I would appreciate your help in reminding students to wear comfortable clothing and sneakers.  Crocs or sneakers without the backs are not safe for Physical Education.  All sneakers must have laces that are tied or velcro!!!!  If your child has been out of school because of illness or injury please send a note to school if they need to be excused from Physical Education.  Please have your child leave their jewelry at home on P.E. days.
           In order to provide the safest and best atmosphere for learning in Physical Education your child will need to follow the below listed Code of Conduct.

         -Good leaders are prepared by wearing sneakers and dressing appropriately.
         -Good leaders show good sportsmanship.
         -Good leaders are safe by using equipment properly.
         -Good leaders are respectful of others when they are speaking and participating.
         -Good leaders cooperate with the teacher and others during class.
    1.  Verbal warning
    2.  Sit out for 5 minutes of class time.
    3.  Sit out for all of class time and conference at the end of class.
    4.  Phone home.
    5.  See principal.

           I will try to provide lots of positive reinforcement for following our procedures.  A newsletter from the special area teachers will  be posted online to help to keep you better informed of what is going on in our classes. At the start of the school year all classes are working on cooperation and team building  activities that will then lead us into our first unit of soccer for grade 3 and locomotor movements for students in grades 1-2.

          Let’s work together to make this a successful year in keeping your child active and physically fit!   I am at Rheems Elementary school every day 4-5 and I travel to East High Elementary school for days 1-3.  Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me at school if you have any questions or concerns.  My e-mail address is lori_dirisio@etownschools.org  Please help your child to remember their sneakers!!