Mrs. T. Hossler ~ Sixth Grade Teacher
    Mrs. Hossler has been teaching 15 years.  She has taught 7th grade for thirteen years.
    This is her second year teaching 6th grade.
    I was born....
    In Lancaster County
    I went to school/college...
    Lancaster Catholic High School and then to Penn State for my
    BS in elementary education.  I liked PSU so much that I also
    received my Master's in Teaching and Curriculum from there as well.
    I also have the Middle School Math teaching certificate.
     My family...
    I live with my husband, my daughter (who just started middle school), and our two
    Shetland Sheepdogs, Guinness and Reilly.
    When I was in elementary school.....
    I always wanted to be a teacher.
     If I were not a teacher...
    I would either be a physical therapist or some sort of landscaper.
    Teaching is and always will be my first love.
     I became a teacher....
    Because I love how the students keep me young and they always remind me to
    keep a sense of humor about myself.  It is also fun to experience things with others and to
    hear another's point of view about a topic or to hear/see how someone else learns.
    I am interested in....
    Penn State football!  My family and I try to get to at least one game a season (more if possible!)
    There is nothing like experiencing a game in Beaver stadium!  
     My hobbies....
    I like to garden and landscape my yard.  
    My favorite sports teams...
    Penn State football and Duke basketball.
    I also enjoy watching professional football and I cheer for the Chicago Bears.
    I love to vacation...
    With my family.  Recently, we went to Disney World and Universal Studios.  We loved both places
    and would like to go back soon.  My daughter especially enjoyed the Harry Potter part of Universal
    Studios.  It was neat to see parts of the book come to life and the "Butterbeer" was awesome!
    My favorite food....
    Flavored coffee, dark chocolate, and anything Italian.
    I would most like to meet....
    Joe Paterno.  His influnce over students, the university, coaching, etc.
    is amazing and seems to never end.