District Printing/Copying

  • Copier
    The Elizabethtown Area School District is excited to contract with Marco, formerly known as Phillips Office Solutions, to better manage our printing needs while supplying the buildings with advanced printer/copier/scanner stations. Better managing our resources will not only limit the amount of paper being used but also the cost associated with each printed copy. This effort to become “more green” in our approach to printing and copying involves everyone and is a noticeable change from past practices.  
    In an effort to help provide support and meet staff needs, a group has been organized consisting of a representation from each of our district buildings. Please don't hesitate to contact your building representative and/or technology services with any questions you may have. 
    Building Representatives:

    • High School: Ken Boland
    • Middle School: Amanda Bomberger
    • Bear Creek: Jason Kingsborough
    • East High: Brenda Hollinger
    • Mill Road: Jody Reighard
    • Rheems: Taisha Milligan
    • Bainbridge: Jamie Bell
    • District Office: Kathy Crawford
    • Buildings & Grounds/Warehouse/Maintenance: Donna Zartman/Christine Sklareski
    • Food Service: Christine Sklareski
    • Technology Services: ​Christine Sklareski

    General Information:
    • The Kyocera copiers feature printing and copying as well as scanning to a digital format.  
    • Use only media (paper, transparencies, labels, cardstock and envelopes) that is stated “for use with laser” devices. DO NOT USE construction paper in any copiers / printers.  
    • Toner will be monitored through Marco software and will be shipped to the warehouse automatically when the level reaches 20%.
    • Toner waste bins in the smaller machines can be discarded and new ones will be supplied.  The large toner waste bins should be left by the printer for Marco to empty--these are not disposable
    • We will continue our current process of routing technical support copier needs through the building office so that one person from each building is contacting Marco
    Logging In to the Copiers
    • To access the machines, simply log in using your district credentials (username and password).
    • You may also swipe your district ID swipe card after associating it with your district credentials.  Please view the logging in/out tipsheet for instructions on associating your card to your district credentials or see your building representative for assistance.

    • Logging In and Out Tipsheet - Copier - Logging In and Out.pdf
    • EASD staff may print from district computers and pick up the print job at any copier in the district to which they have permission to access. 
    • Pending print jobs will remain on the print server for four days.  After that time, the pending job will automatically delete and you will need to reprint the file(s) from your computer. 
    • We will continue the process of requiring color printing approval through building administrators.

    • Printing Tipsheets:

    • Scanning paper files to an email address is a quick way to share files with others.  It is always best to scan the file to your district email and then forward to whomever else needs the file.  If the scanned file gets lost in the scanning process, there is no record of it ever being sent through the copier.

    • Scanning Tipsheet: