Government & Economics - Grade 11

  • Samuel Adams


    This course provides students with experiences to study individual rights provided to them by the United States Constitution with other prescribed laws. Students will deal with the direct and indirect effects that government has on their lives and the responsibility each citizen has to government on the local, state, and national levels. Students will also examine the microeconomic and macroeconomic implications of a global economy on the local, state, and national levels. Other relevant topics include elections and voter registration processes, United States foreign policy, and social issues that concern young adults.

    This course is instructed with an emphasis on application. Political and economic thought underscore our analyses of ourselves and the world events around us. Therefore, the utilization of current events in daily lessons will be an important component to applying content to real-world situations.

    Please refer to the EAHS Educational Planning Guide for detailed information about credits, requirements, and other course details.
    For an overview of course objectives and structure, please refer to our updated curriculum document.