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    Welcome to the Elizabethtown Area High Band alumni page. We have heard that many of you are interested in alumni events and in an effort find out more information, we have developed this page. We would like to try to track down as many former band students as possible, so please send this link to friends. It is our hope that through the information that we receive from you that we will be able feature alumni on the website and perhaps do more things such as alumni events at football games or have alumni concerts.


    The EAHS Alumni Band Performed at the Homecoming football game on October 2, 2009 at 7pm. We are pleased that close to 60 alumni of the EAHS band performed. If you have ideas for future performances or would like to help, please contact Mr. Barraclough.

    Pictures from October 2, 2009 Alumni Band Performance

    Band rehearsal Grove/Heilner

    Bruce & Bill 2 Alum & Mr. B

    2 friends Bruce/Bill

    3 friends 102

    103 9892

    Alumni Music Websites:

    Please click on the Alumni Survey below so we can begin the process of developing alumni events.

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    If you have any pictures from the past that you would like to see featured on this page, please e-mail them to Mr. Barraclough.

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