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    Course Overview-

    This course provides students with experiences to study individual rights provided to them by the United States Constitution and other related laws.Studets will deal with the direct and indirect effects that government has on your everyday lives, what rights you posses as an American citizen, and what responsibilities each citizen has to their government on the local, state and national levels. Students will also examine the basic ideals of our global economy and what effects these ideals have not just on our government, but also our everyday lives. Other relevant topics included in this course include the elections / voter registration process, United States foreign policy, and social issues that concern young adults and all Americans.

    Units / Themes of Study for This Course –
    • Unit I: Basic Principles of Economic (Marco / Microeconomics)
    • Unit II: Political Parties, Ideology, Elections, & Voting
    • Unit III: Public Policy, Political History, & National / State Government
    • Unit IV: Consitutional Law & Criminal Justice

    Why is studying civics, government, & politics important in Pennsylvania?



    Find out more of our studies of American third-parties through the Politics1 site, a non-partisan public service to promote fully informed decision-making by the American electorate


    To see more on some of the major Super PACs active in the most recent election cycle, check out some of the grest research projects created by our Government and Economics students using the interactive media poster site, Glogster

    Each semester, the Etown Social Studies Department invites a number of state and local political leaders with connections to the Etown community to come and participate in our "student town hall" events. The "student town halls" usually consist of two parts: (1) a short introduction from our guest representative on who they are, where they come from, how they represent the Etown community, and how they got involved in politics and (2) a Q&A "town hall" session, led by our students, and focused on the issues most important to them.
    Judical Research Projects
    During our Constitutional History and Government Unit, students researched a number of controversial issues that currently exist in our judicial system. Using the publishing site Atavist, students work to create overviews of these issues and the problems they cause, but also offer possible ideas for solutions.
    Some of those projects are featured below. Feel free to click the link provided to view.
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    For this assignment, students will be taking on the role of young entrepreneurs creating the next big product in education (classroom product, app, culture product, etc.) using only their imagination, research data, and their knowledge of basic economic principles. They will then research the market and the potential demand for their product, conduct focus group testing to see what the possibility is of their product being a success, calculate costs of production, and project the supply and demand of their product should it be picked up and produced. The whole project culminates in a final presentation, where students are required to bring in a prototype, advertisements, and presentation materials that will be used to pitch their product to a panel of volunteer edu "investors" and negotiate a deal to make their product a reality.


    To see some of the great edu product ideas, our students have come up with and their presentations, click below


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