The purpose of this course is to give students a better understanding of the complex global community that we live and participate in on a daily basis. Throughout the semester, we will be looking at many aspects of our global community as they relate to political, economic, historical, geographic, religious, and cultural themes relating to the past and present events of both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres as we span the time period between 1800 and the present. The goal is that students will walk away from this course with a better understand of the world around us and how it affects our everyday life here in the United States.

    Key Themes of World History We Will Be Looking at this Semester -

    Industrialization (1800s - 1860s) = Growth of European Industry & the Industrial Revolution

    Imperialism (1800s - 1900s) = The rise of Western colonization through Asia, Africa, & Latin America

    Nationalism (1800's - 1950s) = The resistance to European control & rise of national identity throughout the world

    Decolonization (1950s - 1990s) = The end of Western colonization & the forming of new nations in the Cold War world

    Democratization (1990s - present) = Modern democratic movements & push away from Cold War tensions towards the 21st Century


    Why is it important to study history?