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    Mr. Carl Shenk has been involved with Habitat for Humanity at Elizabethtown Area High School since the club's beginnings thirteen years ago. Since coming to Etown after teaching at Lancaster Mennonite High School for 20 years, this is his thirteenth year teaching German in the high school and eleventh in the middle school.

    The goals of Habitat for Humanity are entirely in keeping with his desire to build bridges between people, of finding ways to foster positive relationships through actions. Mr. Shenk finds working with enthusiastic young adults thrilling, and enjoys hearing the frequent compliments directed toward the Etown students who have helped prepare and refurbish homes for families in Lebanon. This year is particularly exciting in that Habitat for Humanity projects are beginning in Etown for the first time.  
    In his free time, Mr. Shenk likes to read, keep up with the news, watch videos and work on projects around the house. He is married and he and his wife have one adult son and a four-year-old Havanese named Pekoe.
Last Modified on September 14, 2015