Elizabethtown Area Middle School recognizes scholastic achievement of students by recognizing them on the EAMS Honor Roll. In order for a student to obtain Honor Roll status, he/she must earn a 92% average overall with no grade lower than 83% in any subject area. Physical Education will receive a 0.5 value when calculating Honor Roll status because students attend that class one half the amount of time compared to the academic subjects. In addition, Related Arts Courses will receive a .25 value in grade eight and a .125 value in grade seven due to the number of meetings of each of those courses. In addition to earning inclusion on the monthly Honor Roll, students may be recognized at the end of year honors program if they meet the requirement for the Honor Roll over the first three marking periods combined. Note: The final average overall calculation does not round up because the grades when entered will round up each marking period; therefore, they do not round up twice.