• Reading Clinics at East High Elementary
    Kids reading

    What is a Reading Clinic?
    A reading clinic is a 30-minute block of time where direct instruction is provided on specific reading strategies and skills.

    List of Reading Clinics that are being taught within our school:

    My Sidewalks:  A research-based, intensive reading intervention program that provides direct instruction for struggling readers; this program addresses the needs of phonemic awareness and beginning phonics at the first grade level.

    Fundations:  A systematic, sequential, multi-sensory method of teaching reading and writing skills; this program is used to teach phonic skills and strategies at the primary grades.
    Open Court: A foundational skills program designed to help students learn sound/symbol relationships so that words may be more easily decoded; this research-based program builds phonics, fluency and language development for clinic students in grades 1-3. 

    Fluency First:  A program that utilizes a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction text selections; these help students read accurately and automatically, with meaningful expression and good comprehension. 

    Quick Reads:  A program that uses short texts, intended to be read quickly and with meaning.  The texts support the use of high-frequency words and phonics/syllabic patterns needed to help students to be successful readers. 
    Rewards:  A program that is designed to teach intermediate students a flexible strategy for decoding multi-syllabic words and to increase their oral and silent reading fluency. 

    Junior Great Books:  A program that will develop reading, writing, oral communication, and critical thinking skills.  This program is used to teach comprehension skills and strategies.